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There are a couple of ways I work with clients to help them return to their zone of genius:


For clients who have been in business for more than three years and are consistently generating 250K or more in revenue, I offer long-term, ongoing support. I serve as the right-hand gal for these clients, providing people, project, and process management for every aspect of their operation.

I provide done-for-you support to clients who have been in business for fewer than three years, are not yet earning six figures, or simply do not have a need for ongoing support. These clients typically come to me for support for one of two reasons: they recognize that they need help creating or streamlining uniform processes so they can begin working ON their business instead of IN it. Or they have a project on their plate that requires work which falls outside of their skillset.

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per month



I will take your place in the weeds, so you can start working ON your business instead of IN it. Perfect for 6-figure business owners with consistent revenue who need help delegating. 

Includes: Team Hiring & Onboarding | Systems & Operations Management | Project Management

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per project


I will transform your content into a beautifully formatted, typo-free document that you can share with colleagues, clients, hiring managers, or your boss.

Includes: 2-3 Day Turnaround | Format of your choice | *Rush Service (based on availability)

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per package



I will standardize your processes one SOP or Project Plan at a time. Perfect for anyone interested in ensuring things are being done the right way every time.

Includes: 90-min Intensive | One comprehensive SOP  or detailed Project Plan

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+ hosting



I will enhance your online presence by creating or redesigning your new or existing website. When the website is finished, I can help you keep it up-to-date.

Included: 5 Standard Pages | Your Branding | Domain for a year

Ready to LEVEL UP?

But unsure where to start? No problem! Let's hop on a call and hash it out!


You're clear on your vision, and you have plenty of drive, but you need a roadmap to help you get where you're trying to go. Well, strategic planning is one of my superpowers! Let's take a look at your goals and priorities and I'll get things broken down into actionable steps. 


If it feels like you rarely do the same thing the same way twice, and you're never quite sure how much if any progress you're making in some areas of your business, you could probably use some help creating SOPs and establishing KPIs. We can put an end to that confusion once and for all!


You have a small team and great tools, but you're still spending more time "delegating" than you should. Or maybe you don't have a team yet and now is the time to start growing your tribe and developing systems. Either way, I'll assess your situation and we can forge ahead! 


Perhaps you don't need ongoing support, but you have a one-off project that needs to get done and it falls outside your skillset. I would be happy to help! I have experience designing Wix websites and I love formatting and editing documents in almost any format!

meet juanita

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Hello! I'm Juanita, the person responsible for putting the "Taylor" in Taylor Tasks. I have been offering administrative support for as long as  I can remember--but I began doing it for a living back in 2011. I started off writing resumes and doing editing work--hence the name of Taylor Tasks' parent company, Write It Right. 


I am now a Certified OBM helping the leaders of organizations with revenues in the six-figure range manage the "behind the scenes" aspects of their operations.  

I also continue to be a resource for clients with smaller budgets by supporting them with short-term projects such as document creation, formatting, proofreading, website design and virtually anything that can be done from a computer!