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the solution to the problems you face as the owner of a small business or leader of an organization is a click away. There are a couple of ways I work with clients to help them return to their zone of genius:

For clients who have been in business for over three years and are consistently generating 250K or more in revenue. I offer full-scope operational support, serving as the right-hand gal to the organization's leader. Simply put, I take the business owner's place in the weeds by managing their team and projects and streamlining their processes. Full-scope business management means having a partner who will assist with every aspect of the operation.​

For business owners and c-suite executives with data to report or content to include in a presentation. I'll transform the material you provide into an editable document you're proud to show off.

Targeted support is available for clients who have been in business for fewer than three years, have not hit the six-figure mark, or do not require ongoing support. Perfect for leaders who need a helping hand in a specific area of their business. Get the help you need creating or streamlining your processes, organizing your electronic files, or brainstorming your annual plan and breaking it down into actionable steps.

For individuals, businesses, and organizations who need a beautifully designed website and would prefer not to pay agency prices to get it done. All websites are created in and hosted by Wix. You'll be amazed by the level of customization!

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meet juanita

Hello! I'm Juanita, the person responsible for putting the "Taylor" in Taylor Tasks. I have been offering administrative support for as long as  I can remember--but I began doing it for a living back in 2011. I started off writing resumes and doing editing work--hence the name of Taylor Tasks' parent company, Write It Right. 

I am now a Certified OBM helping the leaders of organizations with revenues in the six-figure range manage the "behind the scenes" aspects of their operations.  

I also continue to be a resource for clients with smaller budgets by supporting them with short-term projects such as document creation, formatting, proofreading, website design and virtually anything that can be done from a computer!

Let me know what you need.

I'll send you an email to request the details!

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Ways we can work together

Select a focus to get some ideas about ways we can work together.

You're clear on your vision, and you have plenty of drive, but you need a roadmap to help you get where you're trying to go. Well, strategic planning is one of my superpowers! Sounds like some limited -scope support would suit you best.


Let's take a look at your goals and priorities and I'll get things broken down into actionable steps. 

Ready to LEVEL UP?

But unsure where to start? No problem! Let's hop on a call and hash it out!

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End-to-End Operations Oversight

I will oversee your business operations to ensure the right stuff is getting done at the right time, and by the right people.

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Strategizing & Streamlining

Get help establishing goals and developing a plan to meet them.  We can also begin the work of  standardizing your processes.

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On-demand Project Support

Beautifully designed documents formatted in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, MS Word, PPT, or Excel; I create Wix websites too!

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