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Streamline operations, boost productivity, and get out of the weeds!
Get the support you need to start delagating so you can focus on the vision.


Juanita's journey into the world of business support services was a natural evolution of her innate talents and unwavering passion for helping others. Long before Taylor Tasks came to fruition, Juanita was already the go-to person among her friends, family, and colleagues for all things related to wordsmithing, proofreading, and document editing. Whether it was polishing a resume or fine-tuning a report, Juanita's knack for language and meticulous attention to detail set her apart.

In 2010, after experiencing a serendipitous departure from a dead-end job, Juanita seized the opportunity to turn her God-given talents into a full-fledged business venture. Thus, Write It Right was born. Initially focused on editing documents and crafting compelling resumes, Write It Right quickly gained recognition for its impeccable quality and personalized service. 

As the demand for her services grew, Juanita recognized the need to expand her offerings to better serve her clients. This led to the birth of Taylor Tasks in 2019, a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking operational management support. From handling administrative tasks to streamlining backend operations, Taylor Tasks is committed to helping clients achieve their goals with efficiency and excellence.

With Juanita's leadership and dedication at the helm, Taylor Tasks continues to thrive as a trusted partner for small businesses, churches, startups, and beyond. Join us as we embark on a journey to success together, where your tasks are not just our business – they're our passion.

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