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Full-Service Business Management

Operational oversight to ensure the right stuff is getting done at the right time by the right people.

This is for you if:

You are the CEO of a service business or nonprofit that has been operating for three years or longer and is consistently generating $250K + in revenue per year.
You have a team or are ready to begin outsourcing so you have the freedom to grow. You're ready to get out of the weeds and start delegating work to competent professionals.
You have a vision for greater achievements but feel too bogged down by the "tyranny of the urgent" to spend adequate time focusing on the bigger picture. 

Services Include:

Client & Project Management
SOP Creation & Documentation
Software & Support Systems Implementation

Investment starts at $1125 / month

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meet juanita

Hello! I'm Juanita, the person responsible for putting the "Taylor" in Taylor Tasks. I have been offering administrative support for as long as  I can remember--but I began doing it for a living back in 2011. I started off writing resumes and doing editing work--hence the name of Taylor Tasks' parent company, Write It Right. 

I am now a Certified OBM helping the leaders of organizations with revenues in the six-figure range manage the "behind the scenes" aspects of their operations.  

I also continue to be a resource for clients with smaller budgets by supporting them with short-term projects such as document creation, formatting, proofreading, website design and virtually anything that can be done from a computer!

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