Why work with us?

Everything we do at Taylor Tasks is designed to help you to start



    Don't fret if there is something you need that is not listed on the website! We customize our services to meet YOUR NEEDS! If the support you need requires work that can be done from a computer, we can help!

    Unsure how many hours you can afford to purchase upfront? Don't have enough 'wiggle room' in your  budget to do everything at once? No worries! We are happy to work at a pace that will accommodate your financial situation!

    Your Virtual Assistant could be taking care of your to-do list in less time than you might think. We make it as easy as 1-2-3 for you to begin using your 24/7 client portal so you can start assigning tasks as you think of them!

Excellent Resource

“I recommend Write It Right as an excellent resource for administrative support services for small businesses or for personal requirements. I have often used their services for my businesses, to review and correct business letters, brochures, and resumes. They are creative, resourceful and complete projects on time. My Write It Right VA is an effective communicator with the ability to coordinate and manage projects involving numerous people. Their work is excellent, their prices are competitive and it is a pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend Write It Right for any of your administrative support needs.”

Sharon M.

President & CEO

How It Works


Decide on the plan that best suits your needs. Our standard offerings allow you to delegate a one-off project, while our customized plans allow you use the hours you've purchased to assign various tasks. 

You'll need an account to gain 24/7 access to your personal dashboard where you can check on our progress, communicate with your VA and assign tasks.

Let us know what you need and we will get to work on your project!

STANDARD projects

Our standard offerings provide quick, no-fuss support for one-off tasks. These projects are straightforward, single task jobs.

Standard project options include our Editing, Proofreading and Resume services.

You pay a flat rate for the project of your choice.

Select a "Standard Plan" to start a standard project.


Anything you would need from an Administrative Assistant that can be done from a computer. If it can be delegated, odds are we can do it.

Customized project options include any services listed on our website, plus any number of projects that are not listed!


Select a "Standard Plan" to start a standard project.

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